A Sunday kind of love.

Etta James said it best when she proclaimed that she was looking for “a love to last past Saturday night.” On Sunday, February 21, I discovered that I had been staring my Sunday kind of love right in the face for so long now:  my best friends, Ashley and Michelle.  Etta never said that Sunday loves had to be of the romantic type. Week after week, these beautiful women make my life. They hold my hand through the tough times, listen to endless complaints, don’t care when I’m beating a dead horse, and, most importantly, they laugh with me. Last night was no exception. What I thought was supposed to be a simple dinner turned out to be a surprise love fest. They spent the day grocery shopping and planning a beautiful evening for me equipped with a pumpernickel bread bowl, spinach dip, amazing cheese, a beautiful salad, perfectly cooked spaghetti, dinosaur gummies, fireballs, candy buttons, pixie sticks, and lovely yellow tulips. It was a feast. I felt so special, so loved, so happy.


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  1. ashleymyers

    you are so loved 🙂

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