A backyard brawl, you say?

Sort of. In one corner, the stuff my yard is currently made of: dead leaves, stones, withered remains of plants, trash from upstairs upstairs neighbor….

*Disclaimer: This is not actually my yard because it is too dark for picture-taking right now. But please imagine this, only five times more depressing, minus the green, add walls on all sides, and take away the sun.

The challenger: backyard of my dreams. Although equally matched in size and amount of sunlight, the challenger’s whimsical and dream-like qualities (not to mention its cute birdie details) just might win over the crowd! Try to envision the dark wood mulch, strategically placed stepping-stones, a hopeful bottle of bubbles and hula-hoop in the corner, some free/remarkably cheap and refurbished furniture, shade plants, and (dare I dream) a climbing vine?!

Yes. You heard it here first. This will be the fight of the century. Who shall reign victorious? Stay tuned…probably way tuned because of work and school…to find out!

In the mean time, here are a few accents I hope to incorporate into my dreamy outdoor space…

Bird chimes

Stepping stones and foliage

And some sort of delicate yet awesome chairs with cushions/a table to match.


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