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Cookbook Dreams…

I don’t know if you know this about me (whomever you happen to be, I have yet to find out), but I am infatuated with all that is domestic. I love Martha Stewart. She manages to put things together in what seems like one effortless swoop, and voila, perfection. It is safe to say that Williams-Sonoma is one of my favorite places to peruse for inspiration. Things there tend to be a little too expensive for me to justify buying (did I mention that I don’t actually cook; I just like the idea of it), but every once in a while I find something cute and worthy of my hard earned money.

For instance, one time I bought this awesome sandwich cutter. Look at how fantastic sandwiches can be when you cut them with Williams-Sonoma products…

ps-The bread shaped sandwich holder was included!

So I’ve been really starting to think about cooking. For real. I’m not getting all of my daily vitamins and minerals from cereal and applesauce, even though I love them. And taking a daily vitamin is not something I will ever in my life remember to do. Thus, I am forced to begin to make things for myself. In order to do this, there are two things I’m going to need:

1) A wooden spoon. Everything is so much more appealing when stirred with a wooden spoon.

2) This cookbook:

When I get this cookbook, I imagine my life will go something like this…

….I will walk the ten blocks to Reading Terminal and purchase ingredients, then walk ten blocks back. Then I will be hungry and make food…

Great right? I think it sounds marvelous. Also, I’m on the lookout for a cute bike with the possibility of a basket attached. Should I find said bike, I will be replacing the walking with biking. Even better.


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